Green eyesMature

Suddenly my eyes decided to freak out and I stumbled and fell on my butt on the floor. It not only felt like my eyes were on fire but that they were moving. I turned to stare at Mom and for a minute it looked as if she was a pixie, she had a green aura around her which I thought was odd because only fairies had green auras and Mom was just an abnormal human with some sight unless...I sucked air into my lungs as the pain suddenly became unbearable and Mom fell to her knees in front of me.

“Jun! Jun! What’s happening?!” Mom was practically screaming but I raised my hand to keep her at a distance.

“It’s...It’s eyes are just...” She reached forward and tore my hand from my eyes. She opened my left eye and gasped.

“Jun...Your eyes have never been so green before...I...Oh my goodness, someone pushed you, didn’t they? You didn’t trip, did you?” I shook my head and pulled away from Mom.

“How do you know that Mom? Do you know what’s happening to my eyes?” I couldn’t look at her, when she opened my eyes I couldn’t see anything, they just hurt. I felt her arms come around me and hug me to her chest.

“Jun, my baby. My little baby. Why would someone do this to you? You poor little thing, please don’t do this. You will be okay.” While Mom was freaking out I tried to stop my eyes from doing whatever they were doing.

“Mom, please get me some water. My mouth is so dry.” Mom didn’t let me go though and I heard someone else demand water and soon it was in my hands. I started swallowing it back and then I threw what was left of it at my face with my eyes open and the burning decreased. I sat there panting for a minute as my eyesight came back. 

The End

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