“Jun, we need to go left, not straight.” I flushed at the feeling of his hand in mine and I tore it from his grasp and began to slowly move unsteadily towards the left and he chuckled. “I wish men could get pregnant.” I almost had a heart attack and turned to give him a horrified look.

“Don’t even joke about that! It isn’t funny at all!” I knew there were male demons out there that could impregnate anything so that it could have its babies. They weren’t common because they didn’t have a strong sexual desire but damn, it was scary. I had come across one of them too and it was terrifying. He had promised that he would find me again someday...I shivered and Meir was there and rubbing my arms.

“Are you cold? I’m sorry; I just think it would be quite funny to see you with a large pregnant belly waddling around.” He laughed. “Though I think pregnancy is quite the funny thing already. All pregnant women remind me of penguins.” I smiled.

“Have you seen penguins up close?” He nodded.

“Yes, we made a voyage to both cold regions when I was younger and needed more blood. I am sad to say that the guide didn’t make it, she was quite a lovely girl but I was glad to find she did not have a sweet heart.” He seemed sad for a minute before he smiled. “Did you know penguins mate for life?” I smiled and nodded.

“Yes, one of the girls in my old school joked that she had found her penguin whenever she found a new boyfriend. She ended up getting married to an older woman.” He nodded and finally we started moving again.

“Women are so temperamental. I’ve had to deal with quite a few of them in my life time and they always ask to have my child or to turn them and blah blah blah.” I gave him a started look.

The End

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