momma's boyMature

“Yes, my Mother is a wonderful person. To tell the truth, I would marry someone in a heartbeat if they were like her, no matter the gender. I love her so much.” He gasped and I turned to smile at him. “Do you think the same of your Mother?” He shook his head.

“Oh no! I couldn’t! That would be...disastrous for all involved! Two of my Mother would cause panic throughout the land.” I laughed at the pure panic in his voice and gave him a gleaming smile.

“I guess vampire mothers are different from human mothers huh? But then again, everyone’s Mother is different from each other.” We got to a set of stairs that I had to slowly work my way down because otherwise I was going to kill myself if I moved too fast. The steps down were doing terrible wonders to my headache that was now less of an army of drummers and an entire race of screamo fans singing along to their favourite song. We had to stop for a minute at the base of the stairs until I felt I could move without my brain exploding. We continued across the marble floor and I knew we were getting close when we started to walk on carpet and we could spot maids and servants standing along the carpet.

“Master Meir, should I inform the chefs to begin to prepare the meal now that all of our guests are conscious?” Meir nodded and the butler who asked the question rushed off. He looked familiar but that was when my eyes freaked the crap out and when I looked at his disappearing form he looked like a screaming skeleton. Slightly disturbed by what I saw I continued along the carpet but Meir stopped me by grabbing my hand.  

The End

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