“You don’t have any shoes Jun.” I turned to look at him and smiled.

“I don’t really like shoes as it is, and I think I look better without them, don’t you think?” He stared at me and I swear his dead skin flushed a little. He coughed.

“Um, yeah, sure. Let’s get going. It’s going to be quite a walk so I suggest you lean on me. I won’t do anything else now that we are out in the open; I am simply just a host helping his guest now.” Reluctantly, I told hold of his arm and he adjusted us so that we looked like a couple walking towards the dance floor of some fancy ball and to be fair, I’m sure this place has seen many a ball. It was gorgeous and the shining marble floors made me want to dance on them as my feet felt their cool skin against mine. Mmm, they felt wonderful, if they could speak, I’m sure half of their stories would be horror but the other half would be simply magical. I guess something must have shown on my face because Meir chuckled quietly.

“What? What are you laughing about?”  I demanded as he cast a glance at me.

“Well, I never thought that my parents would invite anyone over for dinner that wasn’t dinner its self but here we are, and it’s your family, your parents. They must be quite important if they were invited.” I puffed up my chest a little.

“I love my Mom and Dad more than anyone else in the world. If I could I would write legends about them so that people would read them later on in life and assume they were gods once worshipped by the people around them.” He laughed and it held no malice.

“That sounds wonderful. My parents are perceived as gods in folklore and it is quite a wonderful feeling. From what I heard about your Mother from Father it sounds like she is a wonderful person and suited to be worshipped.” His kindness was welcoming and I smiled.

The End

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