Truthfully cockyMature

I grumbled as he found the suit jacket and helped me into it, buttoning it up slightly and he stepped back to admire his work as I blushed. He whistled again and the maids applauded.

“Fine work again Master Meir.” Marsy spoke and he nodded.

“Probably my best. Damn it Jun, you could kill with your looks.” I laughed, the blush still tingeing my cheeks a little.

“I have Meir.” The room got silent and he stared at me.

“You’ve...killed?” I had turned to head for the door but turned back to stare at him.

“Yes, yes I have. Only ghosts, and only ones that wished to truly inflict pain and death onto others and only banishment, but in their minds death. To save more people it made sense to eliminate one to save more. I won’t say the living is more important than the dead because that isn’t always true but the lives, whether living or dead, that were at stake were more important.” He swallowed.

“Wow Jun. I didn’t know you had that much power.” I turned for the door again.

“You don’t really know me Meir; of course you don’t know what I can do.” I didn’t mean it in a cocky way; it was just simply the truth. I didn’t like to harm people or things really, I just wanted to stay away from both and live with my fake people and friends so that no one was harmed. I reached for the door and Meir stopped me.

The End

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