“Meir, I-” He shushed me.

“Don’t complain, I’m not doing this with any ulterior motives like before, it’s just painful to watch you struggle like this. I’ve only known and wanted you for a day Jun and I already understand that you hate getting help from anyone you deem lesser then you. Hell, I’m the same way so just shut up and let me help you.” I didn’t complain as he finished the shirt but did when he picked the pants off the wrong suit and tried to pull them onto me.

“No! That’s the wrong suit Meir!” He gave me a look.

“Don’t tell me you were going to put on that horrid colour Jun, and with your hair? Please, spare me the pain. Let me dress you okay? I don’t know what you do when you watch this anime or manga but it obviously does not involve fashion. I’ve had centuries to know what looks good together, I can at least dress another man and make him look handsome, not that you need much. I could throw the drapes over you and women would crawl over you, especially with those glasses gone.” He whistled as I just got more embarrassed by the second. “Damn, I would rather have you for breakfast, dinner and lunch if you know what I mean.” I full out blushed then.

“Meir! I thought you said you had no ulterior motives!” He laughed as I smacked his hands away from my buttons and did up my own pants. He smiled at me.

“Yes, I have no ulterior motives but it’s fun to tease you, I thought you already knew that from earlier today. You get so rallied up so easily. I hope you don’t mind, but I will be teasing you for quite some time now that you are here for a while.” 

The End

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