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“Would you cut it out pervert? You’re freaking me out with that goddamn pervert beam from your eyes. If you don’t stop it I’ll kick you out of the room.” He covered his mouth to hold in his laughter and I turned away from him again and pulled off my undershirt until I was only standing in my boxers in front of him.

“Aren’t you embarrassed Jun?” He asked mockingly and I shot a glare at him.

“Believe me Meir; I’ve been seen in a lot less and a lot worse. Kids at my schools were always creative and disappointed when they found out I wasn’t the tubby little boy they wanted me to be.” He stared rather intensely at my well-developed abdomen and nodded approvingly.

“Oh, this is not a disappointment at all Jun; in fact, I’d say it’s a benefit.” Slightly grossed out by him I found another undershirt and pulled it on, found a nice button down to go with the suit I had picked and started to pull it on only to have to stop because of a pounding headache I got. Meir stepped forward to help me but I raised my hand to stop him as I trembled in pain. Meir watched me for a minute before he gave a sigh with the air he didn’t need to breathe and pushed my hand away and started to button my shirt up. 

The End

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