heated gazeMature

If I was ever in your service I would kick and scream and make sure you couldn’t do anything that you wanted to me, no matter what! I glared at him for quite a long time before I headed over to the racks of clothes and found something suitable. Meir followed me like a puppy as I started to undress and the maids stood off to the side to watch us and in case I needed any help. “What are you doing Jun?” I glared ahead, trying not to punch him for being too close to me.

“Back up Meir or I will not control my fist that will be in your undead face, got it?” He was now off to the side so that I could see him.

“Alright alright, no need to get violent Jun; I don’t want to have a snack before dinner.” I could feel his fangs show as he smiled and I wanted to throw up. Not only was my head, mind and eyes playing tricks on me I had to deal with Meir on top of that, this was like a personal hell just for me. I pulled off my blazer and folded it up neatly and started to pull off my shirt underneath and Meir was staring at me like a hungry animal. Slightly disturbed I continued, folding that up when I had it off and then I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off, realising that I wasn’t wearing shoes only then and with grumbles about where my shoes were I folded my pants up and felt Meir’s gaze on me rather intensely. I turned to him and gave him a look, cheeks slightly flushed in embarrassment. 

The End

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