There was a knock on the door and Marsy was back with a couple of other maids bringing in racks of clothes. No one paid attention to us at first, nor did Meir to them but then Marsy looked at the bed and found we weren’t there and had a little freak-out.

“Master Meir!” She proclaimed as she ran over to us. I thought she was going to save me from the distraught look on her face. “You can’t do that to Master Jun on the floor! He’s injured and has probably hurt his head again!” Meir got off of me then, releasing my lips and arms and as soon as he did I slapped him again. The sound bounced off every wall and I honestly didn’t care about the consequences this time.

“Don’t you dare kiss me without my permission again you bastard!” His face stayed red for a minute until the blood he had stolen from others returned back to where it had come from. He started to chuckle and stood up.

“I will make sure to ask permission next time then Jun.” Horror filled my eyes as he seemed like he could honestly get it. I scrambled to my feet, ignoring the swaying my body did and the dizzy feeling I got.

“I would not get so cocky if I were you! You will not be allowed to kiss me again if I have a say in it!” He smiled and poked my nose.

“And this is why I find you so amusing Jun. You are so full of spirit and life, unlike most people here.” Marsy stared down at her feet along with the other maids. They didn’t have a choice, you made them unable to resist you asshole! 

The End

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