Got youMature

I didn’t know how much longer my legs had but damn it they were going to last me longer then they thought! I would not be captured by this guy playing games with my mind. For all I could know this whole eye thing was something he created. I took a couple more steps back only to have my head pound like someone hit it and trip over my feet to land on my back. Once I got my bearings again I found that Meir was on top of me, a smile on his face. “I got you Jun, right where I want you.” I was lying on my back; there was literally nothing I could do. If he wanted to suck my blood I had no way to fight him and if he ultimately wanted to kill me, I was dead. I glared at him heatedly and his smile widened into a grin. “I love it when you get all angry-looking. I don’t know why but there is something so attractive about it, it just makes my heart feel like it could be alive.” I turned my face away from him.

“I could care less what you think Meir.” He chuckled.

“You will soon.” I turned to face him and found his lips had found mine and-holy mother of god, Meir was kissing me! I tried to get away from him but he held me there with his vice-like grip and I couldn’t get away, the only thing I could do was lay there and let him kiss me. To be fair, he was quite good at it but that did not mean that I wanted him to kiss me! I wanted him off of me! I wanted to go back to my real home! 

The End

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