too close for comfortMature

“Jun? Is everything alright?” He repeated in his concerned tone but I just needed to get out of here at this point. I’m sure if Meir got any closer to me I was going to lose my mind out of pure I-will-not-be-like-my-Mother feelings. I had them too you know, despite loving my Mom very much.

“I-I think so. I need to get out of this room though; it’s making me feel closed in.” He looked around the room with its huge expanse of space and 15 feet high ceiling and smiled.

“What is not closed in to you?” Meir asked with laughter in his voice. I moved my feet out from in under the sheets and slowly put them over the edge as I spoke.

“Free spaces. Gardens, flower fields even though that sounds girly and a small room which I know is safe and I can read and watch anime and manga in. Those are my favourite places and as of yet I have not found a permanent single one.” I stood on my shaky feet only to have my eyes trip out on me again, but I was more prepared this time and just closed them while I swayed.

“Jun, what are your eyes doing to you?” I should not feel his breath this close to me, ever. I opened one eye to find his pit of one right there, though grudgingly a few centimetres above mine but the notion was there, he was right in front of me. I jumped back with strength that was unlike that I had before.

“Meir! What on earth are you thinking? You startled me!” He smiled then, and it wasn’t the same as the ones before.

“Just startled you? I felt your heart rate accelerate quite a bit Jun. I don’t think shock was just it.” I backed up some more, heading farther into the room and Meir followed me. 

The End

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