“Alright Jun, but I won’t go down without you, it just doesn’t feel right. We also can’t bring you down in that school uniform, so I will have Marsy bring something in your size and then we’ll see how you are fairing, alright Jun?” I gave a sigh, much to my disappointment. It was as if the argument and all that had happened today was a myth and I was seeing another side of Meir. He was less arrogant and cared more about individual people and things.

“That sounds...reasonable.” He smiled then, and it was as if he was a completely different person and for a minute I almost forgot who he was until my eyesight flickered with great pain and I saw his other form, his not as handsome but certainly darker form. I gasped and sucking in breath, leaned forward and covered my eyes, trying to stop the throbbing. Meir was bent over me in seconds.

“Jun? Jun! Are you alright? What is wrong with your eyes?” I blinked a thousand times before I rose into the light in the room and cringed.

“Can we bring down the light? It really hurts my eyes right now.” Marsy raced towards the light switch and dimmed it till I relaxed. Meir clasped my hand in his and motioned for Marsy to leave (maybe to grab my clothes?) and we were alone then.

“Are you alright Jun?” He sounded so concerned but then, as if James was actually here I could hear him say,

 “You are the first human I know to be unaffected Jun, which is quite rare. In fact I’d say it’s a blessing if your Mom is so affected by them.” I had this sinking feeling my stomach as those lines repeated in my mind. Oh shit, I did not want this to be true. I was not affected by Meir, not now, not ever. Meir stared at my face with a worry clear on his face. 

The End

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