“Yes, of course I would do that.” After the sarcasm though, I really thought about it. I, I was quite sure actually, that someone pushed me into the frame, less of an accident and more on purpose because if what he was saying was true I wouldn’t have been as hurt as I am now if it was just a fall of my own doing. There had been someone else’s force behind it. Grudgingly, I told this to Meir. “I think...I think someone might have pushed me into the frame of the car door.” His eyes widened as I fought with the memory. “I mean, originally I thought that I had just fallen, but with as much force as there was behind it, it might not have been an accident.” I laughed. “And who would blame anyone. I’m not exactly friendly to any creature that isn’t human.” Meir listened with open ears.

“You know, as a self-proclaimed selfish vampire child, what has happened to you concerns me deeply, which is quite odd, but what is the odd part is now I feel this unknown rage in my chest now that I hear you say that. Not an accident you say? I will find out who did this, right now if it pleases you.” Meir went to get up but I stopped him for an unknown reason to the both of us. I had grabbed onto his sleeve like some lost girl he had found on the side of the road. I almost wanted to puke, but what was done could not be undone.

“Meir, please don’t. Please just go down to dinner with my parents and yours. I will be down as soon as I can, I just need to gain some strength and my head needs to stop spinning.” I told him soothingly and he made a face, not unlike that my Dad sometimes would make when Mom would try to reason with him and even though he didn’t like it he would do as she said because she was his wife. 

The End

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