Cold as a grave stoneMature

I tried to move and ended up on my hands and knees and much to my dislike, I was helped back into the bed like an invalid. She gave a sigh.

“You are almost as difficult to get into bed as the Young Master Master Jun! For a supposed to be human you are quite a hassle.” She blinked and covered her mouth for not only speaking out of turn but revealing secrets, but I smiled kindly at her.

“I know, and I apologise. I just...I worry for my parents over simple things.” Her cheeks flushed and she stood staring at me until the door opened and she turned to face whoever was entering with her head down cheeking towards them.

“Calm yourself Marsy, it’s just me.” I didn’t calm myself though, because he was the last person I wished to see right now. I had a feeling he would be the last person I wanted to see for quite some time. He pushed the door open to reveal he was wearing quite the formal attire, and even though I didn’t like him I had to admit in his own house that he looked quite handsome, but I was not falling for his tricks. He gave me a smile and closed the door behind him and Marsy the maid made herself invisible against the far wall as Meir came to sit on the side of the bed I was lying in. “You gave everyone quite the scare when you came in as cold as a grave stone and the colour drained from your skin. What did you do? Whack yourself with bricks?” I laughed coldly at his earnest question, reflected in his eye pits.

The End

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