Master JunMature

This was an above average amount of passing out I was doing in a week, especially from falling. When I awoke I was lying in a four post bed, everything draped in silk and velvet and rich, dark colours. My head was pounding like an army of drummers where marching around in the room with me and I groaned. Instantly there was someone by my side and for a split second, without my glasses it was as if I could see she was a small cat creature on the inside.

“Are you awake Master Jun?” I blinked and tried to sit up and she helped me quickly, propping me up with pillows.

“I-I think so. Where am I?” She smiled at my question.

“You are at the Grimshaw Mansion for dinner. Your parents are downstairs being entertained by my gracious Master and Mistress. Master Meir has been waiting for your eyes to flutter open before he dared to grace the others. I shall go inform him that you are awake now and the others may start to eat. It has gotten quite late.” I flung the sheets off of the bed and practically jumped out of the bed but my head wasn’t ready for such movement. I almost collapsed under the weight of my own body and the maid freaked out. “Master Jun! You must stay in bed! You are not ready for such movement! Please, listen to my reasoning!” I growled in the back of my throat and she swallowed the lump in her throat.

“I cannot miss; I need to go see my parents, make sure everything is okay. I am at fault for hitting my head and thus I need to take care of it. I’ll be fine, I’m sure I will.” I told her, trying to comfort her but as the words left my lips, so did my strength, as if both were connected. 

The End

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