Night-lites 2Mature

I headed back to my room while the older ones joked as the zombie couple tried to leave and Mom tried to keep some form of sanity in the house, so I decided to head into the hallways with my trusted night-lites to set up while it was still light out. James was with me in seconds as he truly had nothing better to do.

“Did you find out about the library?” I nodded as I stopped for the first time and started to plug the lights in.

“Yeah. Apparently it’s up to date, but who knows? This is a hick town by my standards and I can’t even watch any anime that I usually occupy my time with.” I turned to stare at him. “James, if you knew what anime was, you would die all over again. It’s one of the best creations of all time. I can’t function normally without it, it’s like my crack.” I could hear him chuckling behind his mask.

“Oh really?” I nodded and turned back to my task at hand and then moved further down the hall.

“You have no idea.” After that I spent some time just talking to pretty much no one and it wasn’t until Mom started calling my name that I realised a lot of time had passed. I had made it to the second floor just as it started to get risky but thankfully the night-lites I had installed were on now so racing down the stairs didn’t scare me as much. When I met Mom in front of my door she was all dressed up and I was still in my school uniform. She stared at me before she gave a heavy sigh.

“Oh Jun, what are we going to do with you?” She asked herself that question, not me. I gave a shrug and headed for the front door.

The End

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