“Yes. She didn’t have to but she did. She wanted to stay in contact with us as much as she could, even if it cost her something as well. She is fine though, most of the town is the same.” I stood up shaking my head.

“Serving vampires, this whole town is insane.” She gave me a look.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to judge there Jun, wait till something happens to you, then come complaining to me.” She checked her watch. “We should be going soon though. It is almost 3 and from what I hear you’ll be having dinner with the Grimshaw’s so you’ll need the time to get ready. I wish you good luck Jun and may Meir keep his hands off of you and your delicious body, because heaven knows if I wasn’t in control of my body I would eat you right up right now.” Matt blushed and smacked Maggie while she giggled. “I’m glad you get along with Abby, she needs more friends. The others alienate her because of us, but I know you’re different Jun, in a very refreshing way.” They headed into the kitchen and put their mugs in the sink. “Susan! Bruce! We’ll be going now! It’s time we picked up Abby from school! We’ll be over tomorrow around the same time, alright?” Mom came out of the room looking a little disoriented.

“Do you want us to see you off?” Maggie chuckled.

“No, I think you have something else to take care of.” Maggie implied and I turned away because I did not need to understand what was said there, ever. There are just some things you never need to know or understand, and that was one of them. 

The End

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