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“Your commentary isn’t always needed James.” I snapped and he held his gloved hands up.

“Whoa, so sorry. No need to get all snippety. Just speaking so you know I’m here still.” I grumbled at him and sat back with a sigh.

“Do you know if they have a library here?” I asked James and he gave a sigh.

“Yeah, from what I can remember, though it has been a while since I was last outside of this house.” I nodded.

“Okay, I’ll go ask Matt and Maggie then, I’ll be right back.” I told James as I left the safety of my room and ventured down the hall past a door that was severely closed and I could hear raised voices behind it. I turned into the kitchen and paused there and turned to stare down the two doorways to find Matt and Maggie sitting in the living room drinking tea or something. I took off my glasses and approached them.

“Hello Jun.” Maggie said with a smile as I sat down across from them as they sipped their drinks.

“H-Hi.” I couldn’t look them in the faces, mainly because I couldn’t get their rotting ones out of my mind.

“What is it that you need?” I glanced at them before throwing my eyes downcast again.

“I just wanted to ask a simple question. Do you know if...there is a library here?” Maggie laughed and Matt gave her a look.

“But of course there is Jun! I’m so glad you asked. Abby spends most of her time there studying so that she doesn’t fall behind. She misses a lot of classes because...” Maggie shared a look with Matt and I got the feeling I knew why she missed a lot of school.

“Is it because of...?” I glanced at both of them and they stiffened but Maggie became very sad before nodding.

The End

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