potty mouthMature

“Yeah, of course I know who Meir is. I used to know his older brother who isn’t allowed to be spoken about if you are alive, so I’m only going to say that much but man, damn it you are so screwed! What did he say?” James certainly knew what to say to make a man happy.

“He called me his blood bank and told me he always gets what he wants.” My tone didn’t depict how scared and angry I really was and James looked pale, even for a ghost.

“Oh my god, you are beyond doomed at this point, just go turn yourself in now Jun. I don’t know what else I can say.” I sat up and stared at the window.

“Well, I know what I need to do. I need to research vampires in more depth because up until this point I hadn’t met any so I didn’t think it was so important to know a lot about them and now I am kicking myself in the butt,” I paused, then sighed heavily “but there is little I can do now. I have to wait here till they arrive to pick us up for dinner because Mom got too lost in a fantasy to remember that she has Dad, but I guess vampires have that effect on humans when they find them attractive.” I snorted and James chuckled.

“No, vampires have always had that effect on humans, period. You are the first human I know to be unaffected Jun, which is quite rare.” He said, smiling as he slid down his wall again. “In fact I’d say it’s a blessing if your Mom is so affected by them.” I rolled my eyes at James’s commentary and crawled over to one of the boxes that had been placed in my room holding some of my books on the supernatural. I opened it with some difficulty and started to surf through, looking for anything I had on vampires, but when I found no books I remembered that all I had on vampires was on my computer and that was being sent later this week with everything else. I cursed and James whistled. “Oh, a potty mouth over in this corner.” I groaned.

The End

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