under the busMature

Dad released me as Matt came out of the house followed by Maggie. Matt was drying his hands on a cloth and Maggie looked concerned as she stared at us.

“What happened Susan? Why is Jun home from school so early?” Susan asked and Mom turned to face her.

“Um, Jun has...well; Jun is a little different from the other kids. He gets bullied a lot for it too, though we don’t know why.” She glanced back at me, wondering how much she could tell them. She knew that I didn’t trust anyone so telling them the truth was out of the question, but I just closed my eyes.

“Actually, unlike usual I didn’t have problems with bullying, mostly because of your daughter, so thank you for that. It was Meir that was the problem.” Thunder boomed above us and I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag from the car. I slammed the door and quickly walked towards the front door. “As you can tell, no one is happy about that.” I slid past them into the interior to find James standing in the hallway, axe under his arm. “I’m heading to my room and don’t forget Mom that you made that stupid arrangement okay? I’m sure Dad needs to know about it and make sure he is watching you, not just that man you spoke to who I can only guess is Meir’s father.” Dad gasped as I turned into the kitchen and headed to my room through the hallway that connected to it. I could have headed straight when I walked through the front doors but James was there and I thought it would be rude to walk through him. 

The End

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