the slapMature

“Oh Jun, how little you know and understand. There will come a point where you will follow my orders, you were meant to from the moment you were born. You were meant to be my blood slave.” My face turned red with anger at how coolly he stated it, I just couldn’t stop my hand. Before I had to time to process what I was doing my hand was already finished. The hand mark stood out shockingly on his face and he stood there and I tried to hide my shock with anger. I never inflicted violence, so what was I doing? Suddenly, his pits started to glow and I backed up, knowing something terrible was going to happen as my stomach started to scream at me to turn and run when a booming voice echoed from the sky.

“Meir Alfred Grimshaw! That boy is not yours to fondle! You are to come inside this very instant!” Meir hissed at me before turning back to the front doors and disappeared and his girls started to cry and run inside. I stood in the parking lot by myself for a couple of minutes before Mom honked the car horn.

“Are we going to sit here doing nothing in front of this grave yard for the rest of the afternoon? I have to get back to the house to clean up Jun!” I shook myself out of my stupor and stumbled into the car and closed the door. 

The End

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