“Really, I have no problems with it Maximus. Jun and I should be leaving, good bye.” Maximus suddenly stopped Mom and took her hand in his; kissing the top of it in such a sexual way I wanted to rip Mom’s hand away for Dad’s sake. So I took her arm in mine and pulled her out of the office as they both stared at me in shock.

“I’m sure Dad is worried Mom, let’s get going.” Maximus’s pits widened before he smiled gently.

“I see. He’s definitely nothing like you in the past Susan.” Mom chuckled and I pulled her out into the hallway and gave her a look before heading out of the school doors to find the sky had grown dark. Standing in front of our car with an umbrella and some followers was Meir, and boy did he not look pleased.

“Where are you going?” His tone was hard and even without the glasses I could have seen the aura of evil and anger around him. I helped Mom around the car and to her door and made sure she was inside before I turned to him.

“I really don’t have to take orders from you Meir, and I never will.” He smirked.

“Oh really?” I got in his face.

“Yes, really. I think I’ve made it very clear that I don’t like your kind and I don’t need a reason why. So I will never take an order from you, got it? Now give it up. Honestly, who do you think you are?” He was smiling broadly and god, it freaked me out. 

The End

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