old ties 2Mature

“Then it is no surprise that Meir is causing problems for the young man. He is quite something Susan, I mean, his scent-” I felt Mom give him a look and he closed his mouth. “Ah, I see. Well, I know it is not much of an apology but I will have you know that Meir will be punished equally for what he has done.” His voice was sincere, but I still couldn’t trust him, though Mom seemed to.

“Thank you Maximus, I am glad to hear it. Jun is our precious son.” I smiled and patted her hand.

“I’m your only son.” Maximus’ pits widened before his face relaxed into a smile.

“That is wonderful. Say, as a proper apology, why don’t you join us for dinner this evening? I’m sure Caroline would be delighted to have you join us for our annual feast and the chefs would be just as delighted to cook you something wonderful. Please, accept my invitation Susan; I have so much to apologise for that this meal isn’t enough.” I felt Mom relax from her tense form at those words and she let out a gentle sigh that only I could hear.

“Alright Maximus, but just this once. I can’t go accepting invitations without my Husband’s opinion again, he’ll be angry I agreed this time. What time shall we meet?” He bowed deeply.

“We will send a car to pick the family up at 5:30 p.m.” He rose and smiled, flashing small fangs that sent cold shivers down my body. “Thank you Susan.” I turned behind me to look at Mom who was smiling like I had never seen before.

The End

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