old tiesMature

 I turned to look at where she was staring only to find that whatever it was had disappeared. She stood up and sighed. “Well, we should get you back home. I’ll have a talk with your father once we get back to the house.” I nodded and stood up to hug Mom again.

“Thanks Mom.” She sniffed and held me close.

“You are my son Jun, you can always tell me when something is bothering you, alright?” I nodded while I knew deep inside that even if she told me that, there were some things that could never be uttered by my lips. These things had to stay inside of my body because if they left my mouth I feared it would give them power. We headed out of the small room we had been placed in only to run into a rather tall man who stared at Mom heatedly.

“Susan, I didn’t expect to-” He cut off as his gaze wandered to me and he swallowed. “Ah, it makes sense now. Is he...?” His tone was awkward, almost as if he didn’t wish to ask the question, and if his voice didn’t say it loud enough, his body did. His pale body held frigidness to it that it made me think he was a statue and his handsome features were clouded with some emotion I couldn’t understand, and I didn’t want to.

“Yes, he is ours.” Mom stated it calmly, but there was challenge in her voice and her hands tightened on my shoulders were they rested. “We created him, his is ours.” He nodded, his jaw tight. He had the same colour hair as Meir so there was no guess that he was, especially since his eyes were the same pits that Meir possessed. He laughed lightly.

The End

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