Ms. HandersonMature

We shared a look before I snorted and headed to the back of the class and sat down only to have Meir right by my side with his harem of women who draped over him like a blanket. He threw his arm around my shoulders and I stood up and moved closer to the front. When he didn’t stop following me I moved towards the window and opened the nearest curtain and all the vampires hissed. I then sat in the beam of light contently as she watched me from the corner of her eye.

“Alright, so today class we will be talking about hunting and who are the best victims and where to find them. Jun, do you have anything to start us off with?” I jumped before I glared at her and turned to stare out the window.

“And what is that supposed to mean Ms. Handerson?” She smiled and sat on her desk, showing off her cleavage.

“Well, I was just thinking that because you are...who you are that maybe you would know something these poor souls wouldn’t. Care to enlighten us?” I glared at her before I sighed and turned towards the window.

“The best way to get something you want is to either stand out or blend in. Seem friendly, maybe even helpful. Strike when they least expect it, preferably somewhere they wouldn’t expect you to attack them. If you have to been invited into a house don’t attack them on the first few visits, wait a while before you do anything. That’s all I’m saying.” Ms. Handerson smiled.

“You never disappoint Jun. So glad to see that you are the model student you always were.” I shot her a look.

The End

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