Once upon a nightmareMature

“Now where do you think you are going Jun?” I glared at him.

“I’m getting away from you. I don’t want to be here.” I spoke harshly and Meir chuckled.

“You don’t get to make those decisions Jun.” If the words weren’t enough, his tone was just as insulting. I shook my hand from his grasp.

“You are not my Father.” His words were whispered in my ear,

 “Oh, that does not make it better for you Jun, in fact, the things I have planned for you are not something a father and son do together.” To my utter horror I felt my face turn red and I shoved him away.

“You are sick and need help. I am out of here; I’m done with this freak show.” The door was blocked suddenly by this huge form.

“Students of my class do not leave my classroom, you most of all should know that Jun.” The colour drained from my face as recognition sunk in and my face paled. This was my old teacher back at that time, who knew, KNEW something terrible would happen if I went into the cemetery and yet, stood by as it happened, a gleeful tint in her eye. Yes, this was a woman, though I doubt I could call her that for long. She may look kind and caring, with wavy blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes that smiled at you from a beautiful face, but I knew better. She was the reason I got the glasses in the first place.

“You.” She came out of the shadows and it was like she had stepped out of one of my memories. 

The End

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