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He rose from his throne as the girls around him complained and he shushed them with a single finger raise.

“What was that? I am not a carnivore.” I turned to face him, smiling harshly.

“Oh, but you are, you just don’t realise it, do you? You are an animal, a beast that feeds on the plant-life around you. We are the producers, you are the consumer so you forget that they, we need to be treated with respect and you trample on everything around you and then complain when there is nothing left to eat because you treated it poorly.” I sighed heavily and turned away from him. “You’re all the same, I shouldn’t even bother.” In mere seconds other vampires were at my throat.

“How dare you speak to Master Meir in such an informal, insulting way! You are but a mere human! You understand nothing of our kind! Filthy blood! You are not worthy of our Master!” The girls hissed at me and I stood there, expressionless until I chuckled and I don’t know why, but they backed away from me. This always seemed to happen when I got angry at those who I deemed supernatural trash.

“Oh, I have filthy blood, do I? You don’t even have blood that you can claim as your own. If we left you alone without a blood source you would shrivel up and die you good for nothing blood sucker! I am not the one you should be getting angry at.” I turned away from all of them and back to the door. “I am out of here.” Suddenly there was a hand on my arm and I turned to find Meir clasping me by the wrist.

The End

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