“You! What are you doing here?” I met his gaze and he instantly grew self-conscious.

“This is my class. You can read my timetable if you want but I was even directed here when I asked.” He growled in the back of his throat then suddenly he looked like he had been beaten and picked up his chair and sat down, not without muttering angrily at the ground. I looked around the room to see what had happened until I saw him in a throne at the front of the class. The reason I didn’t see him immediately is because he blended into the darkness of the room as the room was lit only by candles.

“I knew you would arrive. It took you some time to get here Jun Williams.” Women draped from his arms like clothes and I turned my head away in disgust. Ugh, men with power made me sick to my stomach. “Does something displease you Jun?” I didn’t look at him.

“I think it is obvious what displeases me.” I spat. He chuckled.

“What? Do I have too many women for your liking? I had thought you were attracted to women and that is why I have them here in the first place.” I turned my glare to him finally.

“What? You think just because I’m a teenager I have some kind of insatiable lust?” I snorted and crossed my arms. “I’m not that kind of a teenager Meir, for god’s sake, I have spent most of my life being shunned by all women but my Mother, I’m used to it. I am displeased with you. You treat them as if they are things, clothes for you to throw on the floor. They aren’t. They are alive, unlike you who must drink their blood to survive so you should treat them with more respect.” I gave him a heated look before turning away from him and muttering to myself, “fucking carnivores.” 

The End

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