room 213Mature

“Thankfully, from the last time I glanced at your timetable I know what class you’re in, which doesn’t make sense, but I guess we’ll find out why soon.” We exited the safe side of the school (mainly because those that were in that side of the school were nice things like humans or minor fairies and other things) and entered the side that would have anyone’s hair on the back of their neck stand up. We stopped at a door that had Room 213 smeared in blood and she smiled at me. “Well, this is your class Jun. I don’t know how you managed to get in this class since this is for all of the serious predators like vampires and werewolves and the other sort so Wayne and Master Meir will be in here but I hope that doesn’t make it hard on you.” For a minute her smile dropped and I was able to see in between her mask for a second. “I really hope you don’t...get harmed in there Jun.” I smiled at her concern and patted her on her shoulder.

“Thanks for showing me to class, now get out of here before the others catch you here. I should be fine.”  I told her and I swear the tension in her shoulders relaxed slightly.

“Alright. Find me at lunch and we can hang out, okay?” She smiled and went bouncing down the hall. I stood outside the door till I saw her disappear around the corner so I knew she was practically safe. Finally, with a sigh I turned to the ominous door before I gripped the handle and turned it. Much to my terror it swung open with the slightest touch to find my eyes staring at a whole room of men playing cards and smoking cigars and some girls chatting in a corner, their fangs flashing when they laughed. They barely glanced at me until I entered the room and their nostrils flared and it was Wayne who stood up and he chair fell over with his anger.

The End

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