Family loveMature

“So you care deeply for your family? How cute.” My cheeks turned pink and I gave him a glare.

“They are the only people I can trust, of course I care about them greatly you asshole.” He stiffened slightly before relaxing.

“Are you sure you can trust them Jun? Do you know the true reason they moved here?” He turned and left the room and a few seconds after that the bell rang and I was frozen in place. That asshole. He must have been able to read my mind because he was able to pick at what had been nagging there for quite some time. I had no idea why we had actually come here and I felt uneasy about it ever since I had seen those eyes staring back at me at the end of the hallway. I placed my head in my hands and sighed heavily. God, was my life going to be just this? Get manipulated by a vampire and end up doing something stupid and dying? It better not be like that.

 I picked up my spirits and adjusted my glasses before going around the counter and picking up my bag and throwing the strap over my shoulder. I started down the hallway and was searching for my next class only to have someone yank on my strap and fall onto my butt in the middle of the hallway. I sat in shock on the floor as she giggled and leaned over from behind me.

“Why hello again Jun! Didn’t expect to see you wandering down the donor branch.” She gave me a smile as I fumbled to a standing position.

“Um, no, I was just looking for my next class...” She gave me a wide smile and her curls bounced.

“Well then, I can help you with that! I have been told that I am great at helping people find their way.”  She giggled and took my hand in hers and dragged me down the hall. 

The End

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