He was starting to sound like a mad man.

“You’re crazy. Why would he want something like me? If that is all you came to talk to me about and not about my class change, I’ll be going back.” He sighed.

“That is what I mean. I can’t change your classes. He forbade me. In fact, you have been switched to all of his classes, including night-time P.E. for all the vampires here.” I turned to face him, trying not to show my shock on my face.

“What is going on in this town?” I asked and he stared at me with sad eyes.

“I wish I could tell you Jun, but if I say anything about it, I will lose my wife and she is very important to me. The only thing I can say is nothing is as what it seems here Jun, and you’ll find that out rather quickly.” He left down the hallway with a wave and I turned back to the door to find Meir standing there.

“What was Beauregard saying to you?” I fixed my face and pushed past him into the classroom.

“He just came to check up on me, that’s all. Shesh, don’t be so uptight.” He sighed gently before halting me in my tracks as he whispered in my ear.

“Well, I can’t have another vampire taking interest in you Jun.” I smacked at where he had been and turned to face him, rage clear in my eyes.

“It is never going to happen! My god, get it through your head!” He laughed at my exclamation and headed back to our station.

“Oh Jun, so naive. I always get what I want.” I snorted.

“Yeah, and I may be an only child too but that does not mean that I’m crazy like you are.” Everyone in the class gasped and he stiffened.

The End

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