“Wait, Jun, what about all this food? Aren’t you going to eat it?” I glanced back at the rest of the class who either stared at me, did their job or glanced at what I had prepared. I picked up my bag with a slight smile.

“The others can eat it, its fine. I didn’t plan on eating it and it isn’t poisoned, in fact, I think it’s very good. Few have as much confidence in their cooking like I do.” I slid past Principal Raymond and out into the hall as he closed the door and headed a little farther down the hallway.

“Jun, I’ve heard you’ve been causing some problems in class already.” I sighed.

“Sorry, it’s that guy’s fault! I don’t even know his name and he already pisses me off, calling me his freaking blood bank!” He froze.

“He did what?” I sighed, running my hands through my messy red hair.

“I know! The nerve of that guy! Who is he anyway?” Principal Raymond ran his hands over his face.

“Jun, I think you might be in trouble. He is Meir Grimshaw, the founder of this town’s son. He always gets what he wants; in fact, we all work for them or are slaves for them in return for something. I just work for them while my wife is one of their blood donators. If Meir said you are his blood bank...we have some need to be worried. You haven’t signed anything with them, have you?” I shook my head, taking off my glasses because I could feel him getting uncomfortable.

“No, I haven’t. I don’t even know what they look like.” He nodded to himself.

“And your parents wouldn’t do anything without your knowledge, so we should be okay for now.” He nodded, seemingly coming to some conclusion. “Alright Jun, please be weary around Meir. He’s not used to not getting what he wants so he’ll try anything he can to get it.” I snorted. 

The End

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