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“Hello. My name is Jun Williams. I don’t really hope to get along with any of you so...” Murmuring filled the class and the teacher laughed awkwardly.

“Okay...Why don’t you have the seat in the back by the window Jun?” I nodded and headed back there but that damn guy got up and decided to sit there. I stood in the isle and stared at him and he gave me a smirk.

“What? You have a problem human?” I clenched my hands into balls and resisted my anger, realising there was a graveyard right next door. I couldn’t get angry right now. Despite my pride, I turned and sat in the seat in front of that one, which happened to be empty. He chuckled and blew on the back of my neck. “That’s right, do as I tell you to my little blood bank.” I freaked and turned around, about to tell him off when the teacher cleared her throat and I turned towards her, face red. Turns out I had already taken this course last year when I had free electives so I would have to talk to the Principal after class to see if I could change it. Vampy had been bugging the crap out of me all first block and I had the wonderful joy to find out that he was in my next class as well, cooking. Not only was he my partner but he insisted in not doing anything because well, we all knew he couldn’t eat it. Furious, I rage-prepared the whole meal perfectly thanks to my Mom and cleaned the dishes quickly, but not without splashing some of the water (half of the sink) onto Vampy and he fumed with anger. I tried not to look pleased. He was about to try to sock me when there was a knock on the door and the Principal strode into the room.

“May I please speak to Jun?” I was drying off my hands and I glanced up at him. With a sigh I headed over to talk to him. 

The End

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