I knew what he was now, and thinking back on it I don’t know why I didn’t think so in the beginning as well. He motioned for something that I didn’t understand and suddenly the curtains were closed and he removed the umbrella as fake light filtered into the room by light bulbs. Now that I could really look at him I could tell he had the same devilish handsome look about him as the Principal only his looks were met with contempt and someone who has always viewed themselves above everyone else, thus, royalty. No doubt hundreds of years of it.

“What is your name then?” I glared at him heatedly as his pits for eyes stared at me in amusement and his lips tilted up slightly.

“Jun. Jun Williams.” He chuckled.

“Well, Jun Williams, you quite amuse me. It seems you don’t know the danger you have put yourself in by challenging me.” I glared at him heatedly.

“Danger? Don’t play stupid with me. If I didn’t know the danger why do you think I considered jumping out the window? I know the danger fully well.” He stepped closer to me and I pressed against the glass.

“Oh, you truly are entertaining aren’t you Jun? I quite like humans with flair.” I wanted to spit at him.

“Flair huh? I guess you don’t get out much.” He laughed heartily, but it rang empty. After all, he can’t have a beating heart.

“Oh! You are such a doll! Maybe I should turn you hmm? What do you think about that Jun?” I glared at him as he came closer and closer till he loomed over me with his height. “I would be very kind you know. I have been told that out of the three of us I am the best Master of all the Grimshaws. No one has left unsatisfied, other than your parents.” He gripped my chin in his hands. 

The End

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