Once there I stared at my timetable to find half of the classes didn’t have a name and the other half that did didn’t have names that I understood. I went to go open the office door again but pulled my hand back and clenched it into a fist. I will not give into that. He is a vampire and I shouldn’t tempt him. I turned and gripped onto the door handle before I swung it open and everyone milling about in the hallway jumped. I just glided past them without looking any of them in the eye, I knew if I did that I would get the crap beaten out of me by inhuman creatures. I heard another hiss and I flung my head up to stare at the creature that could probably read my mind. I found that when they were in their natural form they looked like a giant human-like cat. Her eyes glowed when she stared at me and covered her body. I adjusted my glasses and looked downward again. Great start Jun, great start. Make a girl feel like you’re feeling her up with your eyesight, now you’re already a creep. I looked up to stare at the numbers by the doors till it matched up with my homeroom number, that is, until someone snatched the paper out of my hands and the hall grew silent. I looked up to find a pretty young girl with rather large breasts, freckles covering the bridge of her nose, a large curly mess of hair and twinkling brown eyes.

“You must be Jun! Mom told me about you last night when she got back from your house! You are a cutie, just like she said, but why are you wearing glasses? Do you have an eyesight problem?” I stared at my timetable in her hands and examined her again.

The End

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