Vampire PrincipalMature

“Yes, I didn’t catch your name?” He laughed.

“Ah yes, how rude of me. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Principal Raymond but beautiful ladies may call me Beauregard.” He picked up Mom’s hand and was about to kiss it but I stepped in his way and he ended up kissing my cheek. He recoiled like a snake until he licked his lips. “Hmm, not bad. But in all seriousness, let’s go to my office to get your timetable and discuss the uh, situation going on at this school. Jun’s Mother, it was fabulous to meet you but you are no longer needed. I’ll take good care of Jun, whether he likes it or not.” He gave her a reassuring smile and Mom let out a deep breath.

“Oh thank goodness! It has been a pleasure to meet you Principal Raymond, I must be off. We still don’t have all our stuff unpacked or even have running water yet! Your Father or I will pick you up after school alright Jun? Play nice here, they only have this school Jun.” She gave me a warning look and I rolled my eyes and looked away from her. She headed for the door but quickly turned around and gave me a big hug before rushing out of the office and outside.

“Well, there goes your escape route Jun.” I sighed and played with the strap on my bag.

“I know. Let’s just get this over with. Hi, I’m Jun Williams, I see the occult. A pleasure to meet you Mister Occult One. Everyone else here has to be occult too huh?” He laughed, deep belly laughter.

“Oh Jun, that was hilarious! No, not everyone that is here is a part of the occult, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to come to this school. Now come into my office and I promise I won’t bite you, I’m not into boys (although your taste isn’t too bad but I promised my wife I wouldn’t without her permission and the participants and I obviously don’t have yours).” He gave me a glimmering smile and opened a door on the far wall. “Come on into my humble office.” I passed him slowly into the room damn, I should have guessed he was a vampire. 

The End

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