Principal RaymondMature

“Come on Jun! We have to get you introduced before class starts.” I trembled in my seat and Mom sighed before undoing my seat belt and climbed out of the car. She came around to the other side and opened the door. She stood there with her hands on her hips for a while before she got frustrated, sighed and yanked me out of the car and I almost dropped my bag. “You silly boy! When I say we have to hurry I mean it!” She then proceeded to drag me across the pavement while I protested violently. Mom may not look strong but she could hold her own in a fight, she used to be in the navy before she met Dad. She would still go for ‘jogs’ (10 mile runs) on occasion. We entered the school and suddenly it was like we were in a private school of an anime. Everything gleamed, along with the students. Gorgeous white tiles and Marble walls and staircases. This place was freaking amazing (besides the students). They would suddenly fling their eyes to stare at me and I threw my gaze to the floor. Oh god, why me of all the times this could happen, why am I here with a whole bunch of freaks? I heard someone hiss and forced Mom to hurry up. “Whoa, first you didn’t want to come in and now you can’t wait to come in? Make up your mind Jun.” I glanced up to find the office sign and opened the door quickly and rushed us both inside.

“I just don’t feel that this place is safe Mom.”

“Well, that isn’t very nice. As the Principal I’d like to think so. Hello, you must Jun Williams, the new transfer student.” A tall gorgeous man came towards us but I didn’t trust him at all. “Oh my and this young beauty couldn’t be Jun’s Mother, could it?” His beauty was deceiving and Mom giggled at his terrible compliment. I gave him a glare and met his empty eyes and tried to remember where I knew them from. I mean, his vibe was something I hadn’t felt before, unlike any other and I swear he winced. “Jun, is there something you would like to ask?” Yes, there are many things I would like to ask, but I can’t with Mom here. 

The End

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