Grimshaw High SchoolMature

“Jun Arthur Williams, I will not have you lie to me! What were you talking about?” I really turned my face away from her then, fiddling with my glasses.

“Mom, you really don’t want to know okay?” She must have known from the way my voice wobbled that I really didn’t want to talk about it and that was the truth. I had been doing things trying to protect them since I was 7 and realised that my Mom wasn’t always going to be able to protect me, especially when later when I was 8 that I knew my powers surpassed hers by miles. I was always protecting them, caring less about myself and more about them. There were so many filthy lying creatures around in this world that I couldn’t trust any of them, especially now since this was the first time I had seen zombies since the grade 5 incident. She sighed and shifted the car forward and we continued down the bumpkin road. Every jarring pothole left me cursing God and Mom smacking me. Finally we got to an area that had more than one house and some plants and animals. It had at least a post office and a library. We took a turn onto a better paved road and drove past a couple of streets until this gothic building emerged from the area around it, looming above the others. It had to be the school, there was no other way that there would be such a large house in the middle of town.

“Wow. Isn’t that cool Jun? That’s your new school!” Mom giggled as she pulled into the parking lot and I sat frozen in my seat. There was a graveyard across the grounds, actually connecting to the grounds of the school, appropriately called ‘Grimshaw High School’. Oh yeah, it was grim. The building wasn’t too bad, it had an old feel to it especially with the Gothic arches and height and the freaking bell tower but it didn’t feel ominous, at least, until I saw the students and I clung to Mom’s sleeve.

“You can’t let me go in there.” Mom snorted, pulled into a stall and took off her seat belt. 

The End

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