He froze as he felt my gaze on him and I headed towards him. I stopped in front of him and removed my glasses and finally he could breathe. I gave him a death glare. “If you do anything that isn’t neighbourly to my family Matt, I will not forgive you. I don’t care much for whom you truly are but if you plan to harm them...I will not be gentle. As long as you plan to be helpful and good, I will have no problems with you.” I slid my glasses on and he swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Jun! Are you intimidating our guests? Sorry Matt, Jun’s always been a little weird.” I gave Dad a look and he waved me off, motioning for Matt to come in. “Don’t be a stranger! You’ve been here before.” Matt took off his shoes as I bent down to search for my laptop bag that I used as a school bag.

“Don’t worry Jun; I don’t want to harm your parents.” Matt whispered. I found it in the misc. Box.

“Good.” I stood up and faced him again. “’Cause I don’t want to have to harm you Matt.” I slipped past him into the dining room and back into the kitchen, now holding my backpack. The water had boiled enough for my tastes and I started to brush my teeth. We didn’t have any food so Mom gave me money to buy something at school to eat for lunch and breakfast. Then we slipped into the car and left Dad and Matt the Zombie alone.

I was staring out at all the trees when Mom cleared her throat.

“So...what were you talking to Matt about Jun? It seemed pretty intense.” I sighed.

“Nothing Mom. We were just having a friendly chat.” Mom stopped at a stop sign even though there was no one else around and gave me a look. 

The End

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