spirit glasses?Mature

“They should be in one of the boxes. Don’t forget the plates!” I waved my hand behind my head and James followed behind me as I headed for the living room.

“Spirit glasses?” He murmured through his mask and I nodded.

“Yeah. They help me (look normal) mask the fact that I can see the occult, they also help me pinpoint who is human and who is not.” I found the box labelled ‘everyday ware’ and put it to the side while I searched for my glasses box. It would probably be with all the bathroom stuff. I found the box and tore it open and found them, thankfully, right on top and pulled them out of their case and onto my face. I then looked at James and found that yes; he was a ghost even though I already knew that. Looking at ghosts meant that their form was a little different, see-through and that they could feel my eyes on them. James grew uncomfortable and I laughed, turning my gaze away from him. “Sorry, forgot to say. If I look at a creature of the occult with my glasses on they can feel my gaze rather intensely. I should’ve warned you.” I picked up the box and headed through the dining room to the kitchen again. The water was just starting to boil at that point and that was when we heard a car pull in front of the house. I looked out the window to find that it was our Subaru (thankfully) and Dad had Matt with him when he came to the front door.

“Hey Susan! Matt decided to come with me right away!” Dad lumbered into the house and kicked off his shoes and came into the kitchen, smacking me on the back and I almost lost my glasses.

“Dad! Be careful! These glasses cost a lot!” He laughed before going over to my Mom and kissing her. Matt stood in the doorway and I turned my gaze to him to see him in his natural form, decomposing flesh and all. 

The End

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