getting readyMature

“Oh, sorry.” I mumbled and lumbered over to my other box that held my school uniform, which was very sad. It was almost all black except for the gold trim around every edge and the gold buttons, plus you had to wear gloves and socks. I hated shoes just as much as I hated socks, so I don’t know if this was going to work out. Grumbling to myself about something stupid I pulled off my boxers, changed them before pulling on my school pants, pulled on a wife beater then pulled on my dress shirt and tucked it into my pants. I pulled on the blazer last and brushed my hair before opening the door and James followed me out into the hallway. I paused at the doorway and turned to the warding spell. I erased the symbol and replaced it so I was allowing into the room only James because now I knew his name. Yawning I turned and headed for the kitchen and found Mom coming in from the dining room carrying a large pot of what I could only assume was water.

“Good morning sweetie! How did you sleep?” I groaned and sat on the floor. Mom chuckled and placed the pot on the stove before coming over and ruffling my hair. “I didn’t even have to go get you up and look, you’re already dressed. Your father has just gone to get some parts for the plumbing that Matt asked us to get before he comes back later. I’ll be driving you to school once I get this pot boiling and then you can brush your teeth, alright?” I nodded and James came into the kitchen and leaned against the front of the house wall. Mom turned around from where she was fiddling in the kitchen and froze. I glanced at her and rubbed my eyes and woke myself up.

“Mom, this is James. He died about 70 years ago. He has to wear this during the day, he’s actually quite nice.” James nodded and waved at her with his not wielding an axe hand. Mom gave a hesitant smile and I got up and patted her on the arm. 

The End

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