“I’ll make sure to thank him next time I see him.” I turned away from him and found my bottoms for bed and pulled them on and crawled into my nest on the floor. “Well, goodnight James. I have to go to sleep. You can turn the light off if you want but I like to keep it on as comfort. Oh, will I be able to see you in the morning?” He laughed.

“What? You think we just disappear because it’s light out? You’ll still be able to see me, I just might not be as visible and I’ll have to wear this hat. You know, maybe you could ask your ghost hunting friend about clothing and see if you can find a way so that I can change clothes.” I nodded, getting tired slowly.

“Yeah, I’ll see about that.”

“Goodnight Jun.”

“Goodnight James.”


When I woke up the next morning it took me some time to get my bearings. The ceiling was unfamiliar and sunlight poured into my room from a different angle. The bed was harder than usual. Reaching my hands out I tapped around and found I was sleeping on the floor. Slowly I rose to a sitting position and looked around the room with blurry eyes. God, I hate mornings. Groaning, I pulled the blankets off of my body and that was when I remembered that I had moved suddenly to this godforsaken nowhere and I was now sharing this room with a ghost and our next door neighbours were zombies. Also, I had school this morning. The groaning intensified and I flung the blankets off of me and I heard a murmur of protest. I turned my head to find some guy with an axe and an executioner mask on only to remember the next second that it was James.

The End

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