James 2Mature

“If you um, don’t want to hurt me why were you standing in the doorway wearing that outfit?” He glanced down at his body and laughed.

“Oh yeah. This is what I died in. I wish I could change it but as a ghost you don’t get that privilege.” I nodded and shifted.

“Oh, okay. I always wondered about that. Not many ghosts talk to me; they usually point at me, smile creepily and then disappear like some ominous sign. I’m Jun by the way, Jun Williams.” I only thought it was proper to be honest with him since he was being so with me. He gave a broad smile.

“Well thank you Jun Williams for not freaking out and trying to kill me. I heard what you said to George earlier when he was smiling at you so I was a little weary to come see you in person, but I’m glad you are so understanding.” I smiled.

“And I’m glad you aren’t trying to scare the crap out of me. It’s nice to know there are nice guys who are dead out there.” I still spoke hesitantly but he just laughed.

“Yeah. Most of us aren’t, like the guy in room 10. You saw him earlier. He uh, was a serial killer until the Grimshaws found him and they didn’t let him go alive. He now has to live that scene forever. Thank god you got out there as soon as you did because he would have killed you if you hadn’t. Never let anyone stay in room 10 or else you’ll have deaths on your hands.” I nodded, making a mental note of that for later. James could be useful.

“That is reasonable. Hey, James, would you be so kind as to...show me around here? I’m sure the other ghosts like you and well, I am the new living guy. I know I can see that thing down the hallways staring at me and I really just need to put the night lights up.” I was totally spilling my soul to this dead guy I barely knew but he only gave a kind smile.

The End

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