Strangely, I didn’t feel any malice from his terrifying form. “Oh, um, okay. I’ll take the warding spell off of the doorway and the walls, one second.” I closed the door and raced around the room pulling off the warding spells and slipping them into the bottom of my blanket box and opened the door again to find him still there. I pushed past him trying not to go through him and changed the symbol of the warding spell slightly, banishing all forms except his (dead guy with axe?). He then entered the room with a groan, glanced at where I was making a bed and headed for the other side of the room. I slowly re-entered the room and as he was putting his axe down and he started to pull off his executioner mask. I closed the door and headed for my bed again but didn’t turn my back to him. He was still pulling off his mask and it was killing me. What did he look like? Would he try to scare me? Suddenly it came off with a ‘plop!’ and I was staring at a pretty boy.

“So sorry about that. I can’t speak properly with this thing on. I’m James and I lived here 70 years ago. My parents ran the inn here for a while and then I passed away at a jousting tourney so they left, but I decided to stay in case some other family brought a young guy here too. Sucks you can see us though without us revealing our forms. I mean, must be pretty terrifying.” I blinked and he laughed. “Oh yeah, bet it’s a shock to hear a ghost talking to you normally huh? I’ve been listening to past guests who have stayed here talk so I’m pretty good at speaking normally.” I sat back and stared at him.

The End

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