“Mom, if I can make a request, please don’t invite people in carelessly, okay? I don’t trust people here, there are too many weird things going on here already. I mean, ghosts don’t show their faces so early on, they usually wait a while.” I knew my facts; I watch and read a lot about this. Mom turned sad eyes on me and wrapped her arms around me and I could feel her shaking as she did so.

“Alright Jun, I won’t do it carelessly, just for you alright?” I tightened my grip around her shoulders as Mom’s voice quivered.

“Thanks Mom. I’m going to go finish with the night lights and find a room.” I headed on my way and ended up deciding to stay in the room that Mom had turned the light on in earlier. It didn’t seem to have much activity in it and it didn’t feel bad this late at night, which is a good sign. I decided to set up my make-shift bed for now till our beds got here. I found my box of blankets in the living room and brought it to my room, made a warding spell symbol beside my door on the left side and put salt on the windowsill of the two windows I had. I placed protection spells on each wall except for the northeast corner and then started to set up my blanket bed now that I felt slightly comfortable. There was a knock on my door as I was half-way through setting up my bed (nest).

“Yes?” The door opened and there stood a dead guy with an axe. He groaned and I flew to my feet. “W-Was this your room?” He nodded slowly and my heart hammered in my chest. “I-I’m so sorry. Um, can we share? Or can I find you a new room? There are bound to be some upstairs.” He groaned, thinking about it before he raised his first finger. Slow sweat down my spine. I had been hoping he would say number two.

The End

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