“Jun, why don’t you leave this hallway and keep the night-lites closer to where your Dad and I are? This house used to be an inn in the past so it has a lot of rooms, but we’ll leave them for now alright? Later when its light out we can come look through here, but right now though I think it would be harmful for you if your room was so far away alright?” I nodded, totally agreeing with Mom.

“Oh, I’m right behind you. I just wanted to get rid of whatever was hiding in the dark around here.” I told her as we headed back to the kitchen.

“I know Jun, I know.” We got to the kitchen and Dad was just helping Matt with a bucket of gunk that looked absolutely disgusting. Maggie smiled at me kindly and I followed behind Mom closely until we got to the door. Dad and Matt went ahead while Mom went to go get a tool that Matt had forgotten. I was now alone with ‘Maggie’ and when the moonlight fell on her skin at a certain angle I could still remember her face peering through the window and I shivered. Maggie frowned and she moved closer to me.

“Look, Jun, I apologize for what happened earlier. I know you saw us and well, freaked out. I really am sorry about that. We didn’t know what kind of neighbours we were going to have so we just thought we’d take a stroll and when we smelt you in that form we...well, we had to come see if you really were human. I apologize now that I know you have the sight because normal humans wouldn’t have thought we were dead. I hope you can come to accept us and truly, we didn’t want to eat you.” I stared at her until Mom got back without saying anything and she sighed. “Well, it was nice to meet you Jun. I hope you can get along well with our daughter Abby who is always full of life.” She smiled and gave me a wink before leaving through the front door and Mom stood in the doorway waving goodbye. 

The End

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