He looked up sharply as I drew breath. Then he smiled. Oh crap, he knew I could see him, I had hoped that it was a re-occurring they-can’t-interfere sighting, but I just didn’t have any luck these days with the occult (that was why I had to plan and read up as much as I did).  I also think that was part of the reason Mom didn’t protest too much when I spent endless hours working on my schemes or reading manga in my room. Just as the man was about to lunge for me I closed the door and opened the next one to find a young woman with her back to me staring out the window. She was gorgeous from the angle I could see her, but I couldn’t see her face. A shiver ran down my spine and I suddenly knew that I didn’t want to. I closed that door and as soon as the light was gone the eyes were back at the end of the hallway.

 I turned tail and ran down the hall to find the kitchen light and then ran to the living room and tore open the box we had full of night-lites. I ran back into the hallway and started searching for plug-ins, only focusing on them and pushed the plugs into them as soon as I found them in the hallways, but thankfully there were also light switches for a lamp in between each pool of night-lite light. If things got really bad I had back-up to save my ass. Mom watched me with worried eyes from the kitchen light at the end of the hall. Dad came to stand beside her as they watched me fumble with a light, glance at the darkness in front of me only to mumble a bible verse under my breath and continue.

“I’m worried about him Bruce. What if...What if we didn’t make the right decision? What if we were too soon?” Dad wrapped his arm around Mom and pulled her close to his side, kissing the side of her forehead, brushing her bangs away with his lips. 

The End

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