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“I think he might be. Got your Mom’s hair huh? Well, ginger stays in the family, our daughter knows that the best.” He chuckled and gave a smile before staring at my Mom. “Susan, I need your help. It seems it has been quite some time since the plumbing was last functional. I think you might have to go to the shop tomorrow morning to grab supplies and it’s getting quite late.” Matt said and Mom stepped away from me and I felt as if I had been slapped with a force field.

“Ah! Yes, you should be getting back. Bruce can give you two a ride home. Thank you for helping us again. We’ll have to welcome the whole family over next time.” He nodded; a gleam in his eye.

“Yes, of course. I’m sure Abby would be thrilled to meet Jun. Is he going to be at school tomorrow?” She smiled.

“Of course he is, right Jun?” I looked away from them and Mom hit my shoulder. “Jun? You are going to be at school tomorrow, aren’t you?” I gave her a look, feeling as though my insides were going to kill me.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure. Excuse me; I have to go find my room. So lovely to meet you and your wife Matt.” I turned and headed further into the darkness, not caring if I was getting closer to the ghost because at least he didn’t want my brains.

At least, that was until I saw eyes glow in the darkness ahead of me. Oh my god, what the hell was going on here? How long did these hallways go on for? I mean, I know Mom and Dad bought a huge house for practically dirt but now I knew the reason why! I reached out for the nearest light switch in a room on the right and thankfully someone turned on the lights in the room and the eyes disappeared. I gave a sigh of relief until I glanced at what was happening in the room. Some ghost was hanging a child by their neck from the ceiling and a butchered body lay at his feet of another one, I think. 

The End

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