new neighboursMature

It turned to face me and it was one of the zombies. My whole body froze and they smiled.

“Oh, Susan, is this your son?” I swallowed and Mom came into the kitchen through the other doorway wiping her hands on her jeans and smiling.

“Oh! Yes. Sorry, I forgot to introduce you two. Jun, this is Maggie, our new neighbour. She was kind enough to help us out with her husband, Matt. Matt is a plumber here and is helping me get everything started in the bathroom.” She really looked at me then and the smile faded. “Jun, is everything alright? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.” She certainly wasn’t kidding about that statement and Maggie laughed.

“Oh, that might be true. This house does have a history of hauntings.” Mom froze and turned to me.

“Jun? Have you chosen your room yet? Why don’t we go do that?” She smiled at Maggie before hastily heading towards me, grabbing my arm and helping me down the dark hallway. We paused at a doorway and she turned on the light in the room. I turned to stare at the large expansion of space that reminded me of one of my favourite animes. It was very retro Japan. “Jun, have you seen this ghost? Is that why you were passed out in the living room? Dad thought it might be because you were tired.” I shook my head at her interrogation.

“No, but yes. I mean, it’s hard to explain Mom. Yes there is something here, I’ve seen him and he’s a little creepy (I hope you heard me say that) but I think we might have come to an agreement, maybe. I passed out because...” I paused and Mom raised her eyebrows.

“You passed out because...?” Suddenly this guy came down the hallway and I gripped onto Mom and she laughed. “Oh Matt, there you are. This is my son, Jun. I believe he is your daughter’s age.” Matt gave me a look and I saw the gleam in his eye and I shivered.

The End

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