Dad was shaking my body rather viciously when I managed to open my eyes after I passed out. His eyes were full of concern. The first thing I noticed after his eyes was the window behind him. It was pitch black outside and no faces.

“Jun? Are you alright? Why were you lying on the floor?” I blinked before sitting up and rubbing where I had hit my head.

“I just...I thought I saw something outside the window and I-I tripped and fell. I guess I was seeing things.” I laughed nervously and smiled at him, lying through my teeth. Dad didn’t believe in the supernatural as far as I knew, Mom was more understanding because she was able to see half of the things I was able to, I was like a concentrated dose of everything supernatural and paranoid that could be possibly conceived for a human to hold, so I didn’t want Dad to worry about me and my crazy zombie episode. I might tell Mom later but first things first; tell Mom about the ghost and find a room. I stood up slowly and Dad helped me until I was on my feet.

“Are you sure you’re alright? You don’t have a headache or anything?” I shook my head at Dad’s question and my head throbbed.

“No, not if I’m careful. I’ll be fine to walk around. Where is Mom?” I asked and he pointed across the house to the kitchen as far as I knew.

“She’s in the kitchen or the master bathroom.” I stumbled at first but as I took a few more steps I gained confidence and was able to walk fine. Dad watched me with laughing eyes and shaking his head. “Foolish child of mine.”

I crossed through the dining room to see that Dad had already placed the wine glass boxes down on the floor so that this was claimed as the dining room and I saw Mom bent over in the kitchen near the sink. I gave a sigh of relief and passed through the doorway.

“Hey, Mom-”

“Yes?” The call came from some other part of the house and a shiver went down my spine as the thing stood up. 

The End

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